Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Dead Soul

White are my fangs.
Some may say ivory is what
slashes the night air.
Red is the blood.
The blood I drink,
so thirstly in the dead of night.
Black are the shadows.
They follow me,
whisper to me,
sing me songs of my
next victim.
Dark is my soul,
as I stalk you,
search for you,
a fresh body,

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Vampire Queen is Back

Here I am. Shadows surround me. I can hear the wind whisper through the twisted trees full of dark thoughts. I can feel the cold, slick feel of grime mixed with the last of the bitter, salty blood, of the already cold human clutched in my sharp claws, dripping past my fangs and down my throught. I can see the evil lurking in every dark corner. This night is a night for the vampires of the Earth to arise from the shadows, attack the humans that have for to long been the predomenent species of what should be a dark, bloody, vampire-ruled Earth.

I let my grasp on the already cold, lifeless body I was holding loosen. His was the first human I had sipped delicious blood from in a long time. It tasted bitter, as such is all male blood. But it brought back memories. Memories of blood and power...