Sunday, January 31, 2010

How Can Cruel Fate Be So Kind?

How Can Cruel Fate Be So

How can such a simple thing be so forceful and wild,
a hurricane ripping away precious houses and taking lives?
How can it just as quickly be calm and soft,
stirring your hair as we walk?
How can mere water take lives and love,
rushing through the streets, billowing over river banks?
How can mere water flow through a brook,
singing the melody that fills my summers?
How can something so far away have light that takes lives,
containing things that cause Grandaddy to lie still and motion less
as the doctor tells us the cancer won?
How can the same force that took his life be warm,
a warm hand on my shoulder, you on my side?
How can one word be ripped from my life,
his life slowing fading into cold, dense, despairing death?
How can the same substance be the one thing in my life,
the one thing that you give me to keep going,
to live?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I stand in this field.
All is silent,
all is calm.
The world itself is in the sacred realm of slumber.
I look up and gasp.
A thousand fireflies above my head.
They blink in and out of sight.
They flit about around me.
Blinking in and out of sight.
A dance so strange and new,
but ancient and warm.

They swarm here and disipate there.
They make me want to fly,
to float along with the silent music.

The magic they hold,
the beauty of the strange floating dance,
the silent music that fills the air.

Angels Love

You stand on a boat,
floating on an ocean azure.
You stare at the sunrise,
an orange in a clear, blue bowl.
You speak to me,
a voice as clear and pure as the wind.
You look at me,
eyes as green as a field in the Summer.
You sing to me,
a song so happy it is sung from the very Earth herself.
You love me,
a love so pure and real none can compare.

Simply Love

I opened my eyes and saw yours.
Your deep green eyes,
emeralds in the night.
I opened my hands.
The spaces in between my fingers,
yours fit perfectly.

I opened my heart.
Your pure sole,
it entered to stay.

A Single Boy

A single star.
A single star burning bright in a black sky.
A single girl.
A single girl walking along the shore.
A single boy.
A single boy walking with a single girl,
A single voice.
A single voice from a single boy.
A single sentance.
A single sentance of only five words.
A single tear.
A single gleamering tear shining brighter than the star.
A single heart.
A single heart, so young and care-free, shattered.
Shattered by a single sentance, a single voice,
a single a boy.