Monday, October 11, 2010


The blood,
Oh, the blood!
It smells of rust and salt,
And power, so much power!
Oh, it's wonderous smell
intoxicates me,
As I slash and slash,
making the lovely wine run in rivers,
Down your slinder neck.

The silver death blade,
I use it to slash you stomach,
To carve my name over your heart.
I listen to your scream,
Enchanted as they slowly soften to mear
whimpered sobbing.

I own you now.
I control your life.
You no longer control my heart!
And now, I will kill you.
For thats what you get,
for breaking my heart.

I will watch my blade slash you
to pieces.
I will burn your body.
You will beg for forgiveness with your
last breath.
So swim in your own filthy blood.
Goodbye, my only love.

Love Hurts

Love is simple,
It's so easy
to give your heart.
It's never hard
to give up everything,
To be there when he needs you,
No matter what.

Young love,
It's so carefree.
You never have to give anything up,
You never have to worry,
Becouse you never realy have to care.

But when you realy love him,
When you would put your fears aside,
Just to protect him,
When you would die for him
with no regrets,
Then it hurts.

It hurts when he
has other plans,
When he would rather spend the day with
But a minute with him is better thn
and hour with anyone else.

It's never real if its
Becouse love hurts,
But you don't stop,
Becouse you can't stop.

Love is a drug,
You become addicted,
You can't help it.

And you realy don't know
you love them
Until you have to say goodbye,
To make them happy.

Love is my drug,
I became addicted,
I couldn't...nay, I can't
help it.

And I know I realy love him,
Becouse I was willing to say
To make him happy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Icheo

I feel the wind whisper across my

The chill of winter bites my

The snow cracks beneath my

My tears freeze,
And fall to the Earth,
As sparkling diamonds.

The words whisper through my
Sharper then the ice
Above my head.

My heart cracks,

Those words…
“Do you love me?”
They burn…
“Yes…no…I’m not sure…”
“Why? I love you! 
...If I can't live for you, 
I live for none..."
“Icheo? Icheo!”

The blood…
The silver blade…
Buried in his chest…
In my Icheos chest!
Turning my Icheo into a
Bloody, suffocating

Why do I do this?
Why do I keep replaying this?
It was over a year ago!

Why am I torturing myself?
Icheo is gone.
Icheo is dead!
“Then so am I”

The dagger sparkles in the
Moon light.
Then I plunge it in my soft
I miss my heart.
The heart that died so long ago.
I plunge again,

“Ichao! I come to you! I die for you!”
My vision dims…
The world spins…
My breathing shallows…
And with my last breath,
“Yes, I love you…for now…and forever…
My Icheo…”