Monday, March 14, 2011


My heart is bound,
My fate is set,
My doom is sealed.

Theres no one left to save me,
Theres no one left to try.

As sure as the full moon shall rise tonight,
The Fates have cut the string.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is my life,
Not yours!

Who gave you the right
to rule over me?
Why do you think your in

You tell me what to do,
And where to be,
Just stop it!
I will live MY way!

This is my life,
Not yours!


Torn heart,
You are useless to me!

My heart.
It no longer beats,
It no longer pushes the vital blood
through thirsty veins.
I now scavenge for the life-giving wine,
Stealing it from weaker beings.

I kill,
Again and again,
But I know not what I do,
I know nothing more than my next fix.

that's all it is to me now,
A drug.
What I once took for granted,
As something I would never have to fight for,
I know strive for everyday

Key 2 My Heart

What is it to love?
To care oh so deeply,
To be oh so happy?

I have been through so much pain,
My heart is ruined,
It's useless now.
And you claim you can fix me?

All you ask is for me to open up,
To unlock my heart and let you in.
I want to,
I really do,
But I will not allow myself to break again...


Like a spider you spin your trap,
Waiting for a hopeless soul to wonder by.

You pray upon me.
My insecurities,
My hopes,
My dreams,
You show me a bright future
full of happiness and love,
Only to laugh at the false hope you gave.

Your strong arms around me,
Once a safe haven from this crazy world,
Now a closing trap full despair and pain.

You broke my spirit,
You clawed at my soul,
You fed off of my soul,
And left when I was nothing more than a shadow.

How can I go on?
I have nothing left.
You gave me so much,
And took it all away.

Friday, March 4, 2011


When you’re gone, I walk through hell.
Through the fire and flames I enter.
I take it as a mere stroll not caring
what of me burns.

I swim through the boiling lava for you,
Feeling nothing,
Only numbness.

But when you come back to me I will be
utterly useless,
For my soul has burned in hell for

-written by my awsome friend, Kabra Taylor :)