Monday, April 18, 2011

Tsunami 2011

I see the world
Through pained eyes,
A mere watcher of the cruelty.

I see the wrong
Through longing eyes,
If only I could take away the unfair pain
Wheighing on you weary souls.

I see the wave,
Through dying eyes,
And feel the terror of countless lives,
And I shudder at the loss...

I pray for thee. <3


Black clothes,
Red lips,
Green and Blue hair,
Do not judge me.

Crooked glasses,
Arms full of books,
Squeking voice,
Do not judge me.

My girl at my side,
Lesbian pride,
Gays will survive
This hateful hive,
Do not judge me.

Black skin,
Olive tone,
Freckled cheeks,
Do not judge me.

I am me,
You will not change that,
Do not judge me!


You run from me,
Terrified of the power that radiates
               from my soul,
Black and Twisted,
Hungering for the forbiden red whine
Coursing through your pounding veins.

I catch you,
With lithe little arms,
Strength unmatched,
And feel the fangs come out.

I pierce the skin
Of your smooth slender neck,
So dark against my white marble skin,
A soft feather at my lips
As I slurp at my prize,
Gloating at my victory,
Already thinking of my next victim.


Printed pages,
Words of yore,
Rusting tin men,
Worn old blanket,
Faded bookmark,
My haven.

Yellowing pages,
Scripted ink,
Black castels,
Striped orange cat,
A folded corner,
My haven.

I dive headfirst
into the ever-changing world
Of the harmonious order
Of other-wise meaningless words
On thin, brittle pages,
My haven.


I sense it,
Soft whispers on the wind,
Unspoken pain from lips
Long dead.

I see the tears
Slide down transparent porcelien skin
And fall upon the white lace bodice
Of a virgin white dress.

Your story was lost,
A song never sung
To ears longing to hear.

I share your pain,
Pain that is not mine,
And your story I will tell,
To ears that need to hear.

Black Rose

The soft petals
Are velvet kisses,
A soft reminder
Of what never was
And never will be.