Monday, June 21, 2010

A Vampires Kiss

You smile and say
'I love you, my sweet'
and carefuly take me into your arms.

Your cold lips kiss my hand,
and fianly press to my waiting lips.

A feeling of floating on air envelopes me;
I feel as though no worry has ever existed,
no love has ever been more then ours,
and no one could seperate us from this

I feel high with joy!
And then,
in one fluid motion,
your lips slide to my throught and

I feel my essence drain,
my body go limp.
My mind is still numb from
your kiss.

As my vision dims,
the pain starts.
A burning worse then fire,
a cold worse then frost bite,
and under it all, a desire to kill.

My life begins to end.
the last thing i see is your face,
your smile as you whisper
'my love, we shall now be together,

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