Monday, August 1, 2011

THIS IS ME: A Rewinding Tape

My Mother wrote this:
This is me too many things I’ve
For a time from drugs and alcohol
                I was clean.
Right now I feel like a tornado that
                Destroys everything in its path,
Most people have never felt my
I can be a force to be reckoned
Showing fake emotions that are
                So stiff.
Life isn’t fun my heart is damaged
                Beyond repair,
Sometimes life just isn’t fair.
Loosing everything doesn’t really
                Matter at all,
What you ask created my downward
Three children I love so dear,
Hurting them was my greatest
No one can save me I just don’t
                Think so,
Too far gone my demons they do
                Not know.
Time is very precious no one can
                Seem to spare,
True friends always at your side
                Are rare.
Looking at the sky I wonder
                When will it all end,
Does God know will an angel
                For me he send?
Why do people say they understand,
Their words are just plain bland.
How can you know what I’m
                Going through,
I am me not you.
Can’t you see I’m slowly dying
Begging God for a way out many
                Times I’ve cried.
It’s too late for me there’s no
Memories haunt me everyday like
                A rewinding tape.
“Dedicated to: my family who thought I was an unfit Mother”

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