Monday, October 11, 2010


The blood,
Oh, the blood!
It smells of rust and salt,
And power, so much power!
Oh, it's wonderous smell
intoxicates me,
As I slash and slash,
making the lovely wine run in rivers,
Down your slinder neck.

The silver death blade,
I use it to slash you stomach,
To carve my name over your heart.
I listen to your scream,
Enchanted as they slowly soften to mear
whimpered sobbing.

I own you now.
I control your life.
You no longer control my heart!
And now, I will kill you.
For thats what you get,
for breaking my heart.

I will watch my blade slash you
to pieces.
I will burn your body.
You will beg for forgiveness with your
last breath.
So swim in your own filthy blood.
Goodbye, my only love.

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